Stay and Play Preschool, LLC. - A Fun Learning Environment and Peace of Mind for Parents.
About Us
Give your children the early childhood education that they need to thrive. Our preschool center offers compassionate care for your kids. With more than 15 years of experience, Stay and Play Preschool, LLC is a facility that provides children with an intimate and comfortable atmosphere to learn and grow.
All of our teachers here at Stay and Play are educated in Early Child Development. Teachers are certified with First Aid and CPR. We all value the important bridge between home and school, and encourage open communication between staff, child, and family.

We are a house, completely converted into a center, to give your child an at home feel, with a center based curriculum for comfort, and learning. Our indoor and outdoor environments are clean, safe, and child-oriented. We sanitize toys daily, and sanitize our environments weekly. You child will learn the importance of hand washing throughout the day: At arrival, before/after meals, at diaper changes, and coming in from outside.

Family First
Our family-operated facility always receives excellent feedback for our positive services. Children who leave our program are able to exceed kindergarten-level learning requirements. As a mom, our owner understands that it's tough to find a center like ours that provides the security of a school with the atmosphere of a home. Get the best of both worlds at our facility.

Preschool Program
Let our preschool program, for your children, provide your kids with the one-on-one care that they need to grow and learn. Stay and Play Preschool LLC offers a small group environment and one-on-one attention. The staff at our center gets to know each child personally to provide the maximum learning benefits.
Steady Schedule
Get your kids on a regular schedule with our help. Each day we offer breakfast, lunch, and a snack. Starting with small group time in the morning, we transition into learning basic Spanish and phonics. Older children are prepared for grammar school, and kids of all ages enjoy our sandbox, play structures, and monthly events. Teaching basic ethics and providing fun activities like teddy bear lunches and picnics, we put your kids first.
Quality Care
Our child care center aims to encourage growth in children, families, and the community. Here to give children and their families a network of caring professionals, we're dedicated to everyone we serve. By specializing in individual attention, we value the importance of a child's first years of life. Our team believes in letting children discover, explore, and learn safely while interacting with their peers.

Music & Movement
Give your children a well-rounded education that incorporates music, movement, and freedom. Our process-based curriculum teaches letters, numbers, colors, name recognition, shapes, and basic Spanish. We value the importance of families and provide opportunities for you to get involved and develop relationships with our staff.
Our Values
Our goal is to help children become responsible, independent, creative, and productive members of society. Our key values include:
• Choices
• Opportunities
• Family
• Creativity
• Movement
• Communication
• Understanding
• Respect
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 Stay and Play Preschool, LLC.
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